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It is quite nerve to choose.....

Have you guys ever think about whether you like hardback cover or paperback? Which is your preference

Well, for bookworm it is quite difficult and making your life not easy to choose either of them
Both of them have their advantages and disdvantages

Advantages of Hardback cover:

1) The cover are atractively beautiful and eye-catching.

2) When you read, you won't get some pages torn a bit in the middle, especially when you press the pages. It'll just go smoothly.

3) It's worth more than any accessories in you home!

You could see from far and it looks nice on your shelf.

5) They are big, huge and enormous like teddy bear where you can snuggle on your bed

6) The cover won't cripple or bend even if you throw down from the roof.

7) You can use this hardback for weapon!! Ssshhh....

8) Sometimes, hardback offers more than just beautiful cover, such as map or name of characters or extras

9) Hardback are always in same height which why it makes shelf more beautiful and organized

10) We don't have to wait for hardback longer because hardback is always released before paperback was released

Disadvantanges of Hardback cover:

1) They are quite heavy to bring anywhere

2) They are sometimes too big and tall

3) The jacket of the cover keeps distracting.

4) Hardback are much more expensive, mostly at $20 or above

Advantages of Paperback cover:

1) They're lighter and thinner than hardback

2) They are much easier to bring anywhere especially on your journey

3) They're also quite nice on the shelf

4) The cover also beautifu and sometimes much more appealing

5) Much cheaper and worthy than hardback, could get $10 or below.

6) Most paperbacks' height are average which can fit inside your bag.

Disadvantages of Paperback cover:

1) The feeling isn't same as hardback

2) Sometimes paperback's height is irregular

3) We have to wait for paperback to release at least one month

4) They're bending too much

5) Easily torn and scrappy

6) Difficulty to press the pages to get a nice view, so must be careful in order not to tear it off

So, this is the list I could think of. Is there any? Then please share your thoughts! I would like to hear from you...
As I was thinking, it's all depend on the individual.... So what's yours??

Have fun reading.....