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I'm overspent!!!

Guys, unbelievably I've had over-spent on books....

Instead convincing myself to buy one book, accidentally bought two more books....

I went to Popular Bras Basah to buy Cinder by Marissa Meyer actually. If Cinder is not in-present, then I looked for The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson. To my mere disappointment, both of them are not available at all. I was deeply torned apart and I told myselt to move one looking for other books.

Truthfully speaking, I was amazed and enthralled by all the books in Young Adult's section. Caressing the cover of book, I could smell each of them, thick and thin, big and average, paperback and hardback. Of course I was stricken over the hardback, my hands couldn't stop make a ball fist in frustration. They're so beautiful and breathtaking. It was tormenting and I should stop staring admiring them, focus on my main objective instead. So, again window-booking until I found Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. I jumped happily and went to look for Cinder.

But no. No Cinder. What the hell? What's happening here?

The next thing I knew my throat felt sick and my stomach churned weirdly. Where the hell is Cinder??!!! I'm looking so forward to own that book!!! I'm forcing myself to go further to south in order to find this book....

20 seconds left, still standing facing Scarlet, suddenly somebody approached me. A woman in 30s said hello and she gave me three of $5 vouchers. My jaw dropped and she laughed told me it's 'halal' permissible to use it. She then explained to me that she can't use these vouchers for her children's books because it's already been 50% discount. So kind of her!! May Allah bless her for her kindness, Insha Allah!

After my pain has been cured, I continued my mission.... About 30 minutes, I've been non-stop browsing the books. I felt sudden full-force when I saw Falling Kingdoms by Mogan Rhodes. The cover obviously stunning.... The story was an epic and I know I'm gonna enjoy reading it... I fall in love!!! But looking at the price, it was okay but that wasn't my objective so I held on. Falling Kingdoms comes with trilogy and other series was awesome too!!!

Having nothing to decide, I just picked Scarlet and to my surprise, I involuntarily picked up Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. I don't know why, what the reason. Probably because I had the volume one so obviously I have to buy the next volume (Psss... I haven't read Clockwork Angel yet).

Finally decided to pay and the queue was so full and people were complaining. Thankfully, the queue wouldn't last longer and my turn shown up. Yes!!!

The vouchers that I received from that kind woman was valid for two only. I've bought two books so two vouchers is valid. The other $5 voucher I have to toss it away....

After left Popular, I was urged to go to cheaper booksell shop that has been used or even owned by somebody. So I again bought Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince with only $7.20. So cheap!!! I was happy and joyful but when I think about my money inside my bank, tremors filled inside my heart. What if my money descending and decreasing, it definitely is!!! I need to get part-time job sooner!! Or else I won't get to buy my favorite books!!!

So I need to pray harder......