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Before I started to summarise about the movie, let me tell you something. Seventh Son is obviously adapted by book. The original title was The Last Apprentice or The Spook's Apprentice. This book was total hit! It was currently consisted of 13 volumes, 14 is considered new story new age of darkness (You have to read the books to understand what I'm saying).

If you want to know more, feel free to go to this website : http://www.spooksbooks.com/

Okay back to the movie, I have to say that IT WAS TOTALLY MESSED-UP!!! It messed up your mind, your life and your expectaction!!!! The movie completely changed!! WTF!!!

Okay, before watching the movie, I was thrilled enough that I made my mom convinced to watch, praising and making her believe that movie was worth to watch and gonna be so much fun! That was because I've read the books so far....
I told her all the storyline and gave her information all she needed to know so she won't get confused when she watch.

In the middle of March, we watched at night. All the moments I felt a pang of disturbance. I kept shook my head in disbelief. I kept on sighed and sighed. Kept mouthing, "No... This is not what it should be happened!" Again and again until the end of the movie. Addition, on the halfway of the movie my mom was half-asleep and half-snoring... How infuriating it was!!!

I would pointed out the obvious one....

1) Fiend, the most evil and the mastermind behind of all darkness and misery fell, certainly is not existed inside the movie.

2) Alice the young witch wasn't born as witch and human man. She was born from Fiend, the dark lord and witch.

3) Tusk is actually Alice's half-sibling/half-brother, and he was loyal and working/serving his father, Fiend.

4) Alice's mother is actually Bonnie Lizzie. She is ugly, foul-smell and very disgusting, yet powerful.

5) Tom's mother death should happened when she was in Greece and she's dead in front of Tom.

6) Tom doesn't have younger sister, he was the last child, Tom only has a niece.

7) John Gregory will never leave Tom and won't ever leave his job as Spook (because at the end of movie, Gregory left Tom and Tusk for their career, God knows where he's going to..) because Tom is still fresh, new and inexperienced. Inside book, Tom's appenticehood is longer than three years!

8) A lof of characters were made up and they didn't make sense!!!

9) The movie should have Boggart's scene more!!

10) Just want to outline, Tom and Alice started as friends not in that relationship.

It proved a lot that movie is very flaw unlike books. Yes, doing movie needs a lot of sponsorship, design, producing isn't easy, but what made me sad is they totally changed it!! It ruined everything!! The actors and actresses, I don't mind much but the storyline!!! I love the actor Ben Barnes who played as King Caspian from Narnia. He's fine. Old Gregory was moderately accepted but I didn't understand what he's talking because his voice is low and he's mumbling very much.

I'm not going to re-watch it ever again! Let me just read the books and fantasizing/imagining them inside my heart....