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I'm overspent!!!

Guys, unbelievably I've had over-spent on books....

Instead convincing myself to buy one book, accidentally bought two more books....

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Happy but quite upset because.....

How you could do this to me??

It feels like an empty soul... *sob*Collapse )

It is quite nerve to choose.....

Have you guys ever think about whether you like hardback cover or paperback? Which is your preference

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Class starts soon!!!!

Hello, again.. Previous weeks I was quite busy doing foundation courses. I need to finish those foundations, so now I'm done... The results will come out at the end of this april month.

Tomorrow is my first official class, and I'm excited yet nervous at the same time. Excited to get to know what kind my lecture is and how he/she teach? Excited to get to know yor classmates though I'm 100% sure they'll be busy with their career's part time study life and won't notice me. Well, I don't mind that because I know this is diploma.

I'd just organizing my shelf which a lot of unwanted books material since I was secondary. And it's such a pity, either I have to dump them at recycle bin or lend it to somebdy's else. I organized my shelf filled with my new collection of books.

Nowadays, I'm crazy with books and I want to buy more!
Last week I've bought Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. I cant wait to get my hands on it!!!

Yamapi upcoming Dramaaaaa

Flowers for Algernon

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It's been long long day today as I've just finished my exam in general studies. I'm continuing my studies on IT, I was determined to learn that skills since secondary level. But unfortunately I have no single background in computer course or even never even join computer club.

Computer club exists at my previous school but I'd no urge to join and my level of confidence was zero but I need to gain my courage to learn the things I've bee yearning for.

Besides IT course, I also wanted to fuflfill my old silly dream where one day I will take on Japanese course. I'm soooo amazed by Japanese cultural and creativity with mixed western-asian style. Anime has brought me closer to know more about Japan. Then japanese dramas 'shot' my heart filled with love, respect and excitement.

Up til now my love for Japan or something connected to japanese....

*Pictures unavailable and I will never post them, I'll just post regarding to express my feeling


Watching Master's Sun


I seriously recommended this korean drama that I had already watched. I downloaded all the episodes without missing.. When it was aired, I've been waiting like crazy...

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